Objectives and actions


1 - To raise awareness on climate change impact, mitigation and adaptation strategies, particularly related to a sample of different Italian urban environments and cultural context (north, south, seaside, mountain, and so on), targeting school teachers, families and local stakeholders, measuring the effects of the campaign on urban environment.
2 - To make citizens and especially families more aware of environment-friendly lifestyles and consuming patterns and to experiment them in daily life as to reduce their carbon emissions and consequently change their behaviour.
3. To help the local environmental governance by promoting and supporting a bottom-up participation model which gathers local stakeholders (families, teachers and local administrators), in order to encourage a collaborative sharing of different interests and perspectives on relevant local aspects related to climate change mitigation and adaptation issues.


Actions and means involved
Action 1 – Preparatory action: Qualitative and quantitative surveys to assess the actual  perceptions and knowledge of the climate change issue and its impact on local level by school teacher, families and local stakeholders. The qualitative research output will be very important to build an adequate communication campaign taking into account the stakeholders feedback in the different urban contests. This research will also focus on the practical adapting strategy which focus group participants believe to be especially linked to the their urban environment’s features. The quantitative research will be more addressed to investigate teachers’ activities in school related to climatic change and sustainability on the subject and understand their needs for educational materials on the subject. Action’s responsible is beneficiary n° 2 (Ibimet).
Action 2 – Awareness campaign products: realising tailored products (display panels, video documentary, 1 publication on climate change including LIFE best practices and 1 publication on local climate aspects) for the communication and awareness campaign. Today communicating climate change is of vital importance to make people aware of the problem and involve them in the solution motivating them towards more sustainable lifestyle. To involve people is important to make them aware of the impacts of climate change in their regions and to show them that their efforts is part of an international action to cut greenhouse gases starting form international community, European Union, National and Local Governments. To this extent, external suppliers will be paid for the services and works needed, including a communication consultant who during the course of the project will help the scientific partner in producing the adequate communication formats and languages. The display panel and the information materials which will compose the CLIMA DAYS exhibition in the partner cities will address climate change by showing its main impacts and  mitigation and adaptation strategies. A particular focus will be on the aspect of climate impacts on urban environments, collecting data from beneficiaries. Action’s responsible is beneficiary n° 2 (Ibimet).
Action 3 - Families’ awareness: selecting families interested in practicing environment-friendly lifestyles in their daily life in all partners’ cities, providing them with an eco-family kit. Each family will have its carbon budget assessed at the beginning and at the end of a six-months period, during which it is helped through by a tutoring scheme and a series of sources of information. Firstly, families will be informed and assisted in assessing their starting carbon budget, in terms of CO2 emissions, then they will be putting in practice emission savings behaviours at-home (lighting, heating, transport and waste). At the end of the six-month period a final carbon budget will be calculated, so as to measure the CO2 reduction. The selected families will be supported by tutors, a specific area on the website and by a free software which will help them in monitoring their emissions.  The best performing families will be awarded with environment-friendly products/services (energy saving light bulbs, public season ticket, and so on). Action’s responsible is the coordinating beneficiary n° 1 (Comune di Firenze).
Action 4 – Raising awareness campaign in Florence: it will include: a) CLIMA Days, a 4-days exhibition located in an open, visible public space (e.g. main square in the city centre), showing the materials produced during action 2. This exhibition will target local general public and local teachers (a specific workshop is provided during the exhibition); b) a 30-days local radio spot campaign covering the CLIMA Days; a local media/press campaign covering the CLIMA Days. Action’s responsible is the coordinating beneficiary n° 1 (Comune di Firenze)
Action 5 - Raising awareness campaign in Trento: same as above but located in the beneficiary N° 3 area. Action’s responsible is the associated beneficiary n° 3 (IASMA)
Action 6 - Raising awareness campaign in Modena: same as above but located in the beneficiary N° 4 area. Action’s responsible is the associated beneficiary n° 4 (Comune di Modena)

Action 7 - Raising awareness campaign in Potenza: same as above but located in the beneficiary N° 5 area. Action’s responsible is the associated beneficiary n° 5 (Euro-net)
Action 8 - Raising awareness campaign in Bari: same as above but located in the beneficiary N° 6 area. Action’s responsible is the associated beneficiary n° 6 (University of Bari)
Action 9 - – Dissemination: the project will be disseminated in all Europe through the Europe Direct network, providing translation in English for the relevant material (educational kit, eco- family kit, website teacher’s area) and to the climate scientific community. Moreover, all the project’s actions (educational tools for teachers, family action, OST event) are easily replicable elsewhere, contributing to the continuation of the project beyond its time limit. To achieve this, a special dissemination kit will be realised, including the guidelines to organise the main actions of R.A.C.E.S. (teachers, families, OST) and Co2 self-monitoring software. Action’s responsible is the coordinating beneficiary n° 1 (Comune di Firenze)

After LIFE dissemination plan - The information and communication action related to the project shall last in a proactive way also after the project Final Event/Conference. Objective of the Florence Municipality and its partners is to continue to disseminate the Project initiative to all possible target groups and authorities, extending the knowledge on the climate change issue and on the results obtained on the tested target groups as well as the concrete change of people and institution's attitudes, disseminating the solutions undertaken and tested during the project. The activities will be developed in order to ensure that the project results are taken into consideration by the local authorities in the European regions. Dialogue will be promoted among political authorities and with the general  public in order to disseminate the message of the fighting the climate change as an horizontal objective in all the policy areas. The network Europe direct will be actively involved in this dissemination process maintaining a web site, dedicating an area (Climate change and energy saving corner) in Florence Municipality as well as promoting the project results in events and fairs.

Expected results

R.A.C.E.S. aims to raise awareness on climate change reaching the highest number of people in the cities concerned. Therefore the information and communication campaign focuses on teachers and families, considering their high potential as strategic information multipliers. Moreover, part of the RACES communication campaign is dedicated to the local adaptation strategies to climate change, so as to reach other stakeholders. The information and communication campaign are strengthened by a family tutoring scheme and a participation model in the environment strategies decision making process, open to the public.
The information and communication campaign is expected to reach nearly 400 school teacher – potentially reaching almost 8000 students - and a minimum of 245 families in the cities involved. In addition, the communication actions targeting the general public are deemed to reach between 5000 and 10.000 visitors – during the 4-days long exhibitions in the hosting cities and the OST events; 50.000 listeners to the national and local radio campaigns; nearly 20.000-30.000 people by the local media dissemination campaign (depending on the means used by the associated beneficiaries); nearly 50.000 people in Europe throughout the Europe Direct network dissemination action.


You find attached the Mid Term report and the provisional Report on the Carbon budget