Communication material

In this section you will find the English translation of the main RACES communication material. A lot more of material has been produced during the project's activities but has not been translated, since the scope of RACES is local. If you are interested in the  communication material in Italian, please visit the Italian version of the site.

The project's leaflet will tell you briefly how RACES is structured and its timeline.

The bigger publication "Change climate in your town" is a booklet aiming to describe the local impact of the climate changes in the 5 towns participating in RACES (Florence, Trento, Modena, Potenza, Bari). Each town has a specific section, where you may find local data and the planned or ongoing actions to help mitigate the climate changes effects.

In the "Casaclima" file you will find useful suggestions on how to improve and make more eco-friendly your home environment. This can be downloaded as a zip format.