Climate and the city

In the 20° century towns and urban areas are the habitat where the greatest part of mankind lives. Even occuping just a minor portion of the Earth's surface, towns have a great impact on the environment.

Urban areas such as sprawls are the largest carbon emittants of the planet, since they host the greater part of the economic activity. The largest part of a country's GDP is produced in towns and they consequently consume a lot of energy, producing great amounts of gas repsonsible for the greenhouse effect.

On a global scale, the energy used in towns in lightning, transportation, heating and industries accounts for more than 60% of the greenhouse gas emissions.
Countries' level of consumption are however diverse, due to different income levels and lifestyles: a billion of slums inhabitants is not only living without basic services, but is also exposed to the worst effects of climate change.

However, the climate changes are affecting our urban areas too and we think it is time to think seriously on how to adapt and mitigate the growth of greenhouse gas emissions.