To participate

Races offers to classes who desires to be involved actively in the project many ways to collaborate:

  • ACTION RESEARCH: take part in the social research run by RACES to help us better undesrtand motivations behind environmental friendly behaviuors. An experiment of  social research offered to 2 classes in Florence to work together with researchers. See materials at the end fo this page.
  • CARBON BUDGET: invite your students to take part to the the carbon budget with their families. . The carbon budget will help them to monitor their home consumes related to electricity, heating and mobility. To know more see the pages of sections  At home and ask information to be involved. 
  • YOUR Communication Campaign: How would students communicate to peers climate change urgency? Be creative and work with students to produce a proposal of campaign in your city; better exemples will be hostes during the CLIMA DAy exhibition. organised by project RACES in the 5 cities Firenze, Modena, Trento, Bari e Potenza in 2010. Info:
  • OBSERVATIONS: interactive geography. The real innovation side of the project! Use Goodl Earth on the web page sul sito  to see in real time how climate is changing globally and locally. Students are invited to become "researchers” and publish information on their territories. 

Change climate, become a PROTAGONIST!

if you're a teacher and want to actively participate in RACES, contact us!

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