School kit

These pages are dedicated to the materials of the school kit of project RACES.
The school Kit is conceived to help teachers to sensitize students on climate change inviting them to adopt more sustainable behaviours and produce less carbon emissions.

The school kit is composed of information materials but most of all it gives teachers tips for exercises and activities to involve the students with an hands-on approach and become information producer for RACES.At the end of this page we will find a presentation of the school kit which describes the kit objectives and the principle that inspired it.
The school Kit is organized in the following web pages:

  • To understand:  information on climate change organized in 4 sections (Signals-Impacts-Causes-Solutions) to be used as support for teachers;
  • To Train: exercises, experiments and tips to help students in classrooms activities;
  • To deepen: videos; presentations; publications to download and many useful link;
  •  Observations: help in updating climate information adding data and information about your city sharing your observations via Google Earth!
  • To participate: many opportunities offered by RACEs to classes who want to be in first row in climate change mitigation;
  • Expert answers:  questions froms tudetns and experts answers. 

Materials produced by students and classes will be shared through the web community.

to deepen To know to practice Expert answers downloads
To deepen To know To practice Expert answers Downloads