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A sample of 250 families will be supported and monitored by the R.A.C.E.S. team to try to reduce their "carbon footprint" by lowering their consumption during a 10 month period.

Families will be provided all the necessary information and suggestions and will be supported by a tutor team which will help them to turn their daily habits in something more environmentally performing.

If you wish to participate you  must enregister to the R.A.C.E.S. Community, where you can provide your consupmtion data and information. All the community members can share suggestions, ideas and opinions on how to contribute to reduce teh "carbon budget".

The families who have better performed at the end pf the 10 months period shall be awarede a prize.


  • April-July 2009:  familiies' selection
  • September 2009: tutor training and carbon budget final testing
  • November 2009: start of the Carbon budget
  • April 2010: Carbon budget first check
  • September 2010: Carbon budget second and final check

If you wis to know more send us a message!