At home

Can we reduce our home consumption easily and saving money? You bet it!

R.A.C.E.S. is not alone in this bet: around 250 families have voluntarily decided to test their ability in adopting a more evironment-freindly lifestyles, contributing to reduce their carbon emission, the so called Carbon budget. Families are from all the 5 urban areas involved in the project (Florence, Modena, Trentino's area, Bari and Potenza) and they will be supported by a team of tutors for 10 months, starting from late fall 2009 and ending at September 2010.

Participating families have nothing special to do but to inform the project's team about their consumption level, when they receive the electricity and gas bills. Following the saving suggestions provided by our helpdesk, tehy will compete to reduce their "carbon footprint" as soon as they can.

This activities is available only for the families located in the 5 urban areas above mentioned, provided that they have an autonomous heating system.

Surfers and visitors may anyway try our carbon budget system by joining the community!

Calculate your emissions Project's people What we have saved
Calculate your emissions Project's people What we have saved