R.A.C.E.S. Project

The Florence City Council, together with other italian cities - Trento, Modena, Potenza and Bari – is the coordinating beneficiary of a project dealing with the local impact of the climate change. The project is cofinanced by the European Commision, under the LIFE+ Programme.

R.A.C.E.S aims at:

  • inform all the people of the cities involved about the local impact of the cliamte change
  • to raise awareness on the cliamte change within specific target groups: teachers, families and stakeholders

Treedom, let's green the planet

Treedom is an interesting project for calculating and offsetting CO2 emissions.

With Treedom is possible to calculate the environmental impact and neutralize it with a click. Doing so is easy, just choose a reforestation project and the preferred species: a baobab tree, a mango, an avocado etc. A farmer in the South plant it on your behalf and will take care of in time, thus creating a Postio work. The tree will be photographed and can be followed over time using google maps.

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